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How to Choose the Right Apparel Fulfillment Partner for Your Shopify Store?

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Fashion brands and the apparel industry hold a crushing power in the eCommerce space. 13 of the top 20 D2C (Direct to consumer) brands are from the fashion and apparel industry. This not only underscores the immense profitability of the sector but also highlights the cutthroat competition these brands face. So, if you’re running an online Apparel store in this space, you might be wondering, “How do I make the right moves to stand out?” Well, the secret sauce lies in picking the perfect apparel fulfillment partner, other than offering quality clothes. With fast-changing consumer preferences and market demands, apparel brands are forced to be agile, omnipresent, and ahead of the curve. 

Consumers today expect a seamless shopping experience with omnichannel solutions, fast and affordable delivery, and product tracking. Acing all this makes an ordinary apparel brand the best of all. Now, let’s dive into the essentials that will help your online store not just survive but thrive.

Why is it Important to outsource your Apparel Fulfillment Services to a 3PL? 

Outsourcing your apparel fulfillment services to a reputable 3PL, especially one with a specialized focus on apparel and footwear distribution centers, is a strategic imperative for optimizing your Shopify store’s operations. By entrusting the intricacies of order fulfillment to a dedicated distribution center, you gain several advantages. A specialized 3PL, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise in apparel logistics, ensures efficient inventory management, streamlined order processing, and timely deliveries. This strategic move not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows you to focus on core business activities, empowering your Shopify store to thrive in the competitive landscape of the apparel industry.

Here’s why this strategic move is essential for your Shopify store:

Trend Changes

Fashion trends change every day. This can pose a big challenge to plan production, manage inventory or ship products. However, a 3PL partner can act as a savior as it can assist you with the ever-changing inventory problems. 

Dispersed Supply Chain 

Well, this is a common issue in the apparel industry. There is always a need to coordinate with several phases of manufacturing and warehousing. For expert oversight, taking the help of the right distribution center for your apparel fulfillment services will never be a regrettable idea.

Inventory Challenges 

These types of challenges can pose a great problem as any type of inventory change can pose problems in the whole order fulfillment process. Hence, it is required to get entrusted fulfillment services for Shopify stores. 

Reliable Returns Management

A report by McKinsey on returns management stated that apparel purchased online has a return rate of 25% which is 5% higher than other industries. The underlying reasons for such a high return rate are improper size, fit, color, packaging, and failure to meet the quality. 

That said, handling returns is considered the most complex aspect of apparel fulfillment services. A proficient 3PL partner has efficient returns management processes in place, ensuring that returned items are processed quickly, and customers receive a smooth return experience. This not only saves time but also maintains your brand’s reputation.

Cost Effective Same-Day or 2-day Shipping

From 5-day delivery to 2-day & now same-day delivery, shipping & delivery dates are major buying factors for customers. Brands failing to meet the fast shipping expectations see their carts getting abandoned. With this ever-increasing demand for fast shipping, a 3PL partner can provide cost-effective same-day or 2-day shipping options. This not only meets customer expectations but also helps reduce shipping costs through optimized routes and bulk shipping discounts.

Increased Support For Scaling

As your apparel Shopify store grows, so do your fulfillment needs. A reliable 3PL partner can seamlessly adapt to your changing requirements. They have the infrastructure, technology, and personnel in place to accommodate increased order volumes and seasonal fluctuations without the need for you to invest in additional warehousing and staff.

Catering to Seasonal Demand

Seasonal fluctuations in demand can be challenging to manage. A reliable 3PL partner can adjust staffing and resources to cater to these fluctuations, ensuring that your store remains agile and responsive throughout the year.

Enhanced Customer Service

A 3PL provider’s efficiency extends to customer service. They can provide timely and accurate responses to customer inquiries, order tracking, and returns assistance, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Factors to Consider while Choosing the Apparel Fulfillment Partner or Distribution Center

Selecting the right fulfillment partner or distribution center for your apparel business is a critical decision that goes beyond the basic tasks of picking and shipping. The choice of a eCommerce fulfillment partner directly impacts your brand’s success. Look for a partner with expertise in apparel and footwear distribution, ensuring they understand the unique requirements of the industry. Consider their technology infrastructure, which should support seamless order processing and real-time inventory tracking. Scalability is key – opt for a partner that can grow with your Shopify store, accommodating the evolving needs of your business. Additionally, prioritize a fulfillment partner that aligns with your brand’s commitment to quality, accuracy, and timely deliveries, ensuring a positive and consistent customer experience.

Creating a deserving fulfillment experience for your customer requires:

Knowledge of Basics

The decision to choose the best fulfillment services for Shopify stores can’t be made hastily. From storage to picking to packing to shipping, there is a lot that goes inside it. Moreover, there is a need to ideally manage the whole inventory. 

Therefore, choosing an ideal fulfillment partner is vital as it can make or break your business. If your order processing is not aligned carefully, there will be a high risk of errors and mistakes. Hence, the first step always is to know about apparel fulfillment in advance.

Expertise and Experience

Look for a fulfillment service provider with enriched experience in picking, packing and shipping. You can trust a company that has a proven industry track record and a solid backing of apparel fulfillment processes. While choosing a 3PL service provider, look up their business inches and specialized industries. Base your final decision on which service provider has similar industry experience with your company’s demands. 

Reliable Packing and Shipping Methods

An important part of choosing an apparel fulfillment is choosing the right type of packaging. Wrong packaging can destroy the whole customer experience. Furthermore, there is no alert in guessing that the shipping method also plays an integral role in the success of a company. Hence, while choosing the right apparel fulfillment partner, you should know about the type of fulfillment services they are using. 

Right Service Offerings

Not all businesses are alike. Before choosing a fulfillment partner for Shopify, make sure their service offerings align with what you are looking for. Firstly, check all the services that your fulfillment service provider is offering. Ensure that these services match your needs. Certain services such as inventory management, order processing, and customer support are non-negotiable.

Goodwill Among Existing Customers

Good research about the fulfillment partner will pay you in the long run. It is always a wise move to do solidifying research and read reviews from businesses that have already used the 3PL provider you are considering. This gives you a sense of their customer service and reliability. Reviews give a good picture of how a company is tackling issues and whether customers are satisfied with the overall services of the company. 

Incorporation of Sustainable Practices

A recent survey by Shopify suggested that 52% of online shoppers customers tend to buy from a brand that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. So, skipping on following sustainable practices while choosing your apparel fulfillment partner can cause a loss of a big chunk of potential customers. 

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Why ShipTop is the Trusted Choice for Fast-Growing Apparel Fulfillment Partner?

Here are some reasons that helped us become the partner of several Shopify store owners:

Tailor-Made Apparel Fulfillment

Every apparel brand has unique needs, and at ShipTop, we understand that one size does not fit all. We tailor our eCommerce fulfillment services to match the specific requirements of your apparel business. Whether you have a wide range of products, varying sizes, or specific packaging needs, we can customize our services to ensure that your apparel is handled with the utmost care and efficiency


Personalization for your customer is another key factor that gives you a competitive edge over others by partnering with ShipTop. In the era of personalized shopping experiences, we go the extra mile to create a unique and memorable journey for your customers. ShipTop can incorporate personalization options for your apparel shipments, from custom packaging and branded materials to handwritten thank-you notes. These small, thoughtful touches leave a lasting impression on your customers and can lead to increased loyalty and positive reviews.

Scalability, Support, and Satisfaction

Out of the many benefits of choosing the right apparel fulfillment provider, one is that they will function as an extension of your business, not just another expense! With ShipTop’s expertise in logistics, your company can grow its inventory, increase sales, and even expand its geographic reach. We’ll support you as you grow and enable you to scale to unprecedented levels.

Transparent Pricing

ShipTop offers straightforward and scalable apparel fulfillment pricing with unbeatable rates. We negotiate deeply discounted rates from choice carriers and pass the savings on to you! 

Fast and Reliable Turnaround

Consumers want things fast, and major brands offer fast shipping. With ShipTop’s guaranteed shipping rates, you can compete with big retailers and exceed your customers’ expectations. All our orders are fulfilled within 24 hours, with same-day fulfillment for orders that come in before 1:00 pm PST.

Sustainable Practices for Fulfillment

ShipTop is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. We understand the importance of eco-friendly practices in today’s world. By partnering with us, you can be assured that your apparel fulfillment is done with an environmentally conscious approach. From using eco-friendly packaging materials to implementing fuel-efficient transportation methods, we take every step to minimize our ecological footprint as the leading distribution center in Vancouver. 

eCommerce Integration

All fulfillment providers promise eCommerce integration, but only ShipTop delivers effortless integration for most selling channels and marketplaces, such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Returns Management

Returns are a natural part of the eCommerce landscape, and handling them efficiently is crucial. We offer reliable returns management services. Our well-organized process ensures that returned apparel is processed promptly and accurately. We understand the importance of maintaining a positive brand image during the returns process, and we go to great lengths to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Choose ShipTop As Your Apparel Fulfillment Partner

A 3PL partner like ShipTop can efficiently manage the whole process of your apparel fulfillment. From managing all operations to taking charge of inventory to picking and packing products to shipping them, we will do all the right things for your Shopify fulfillment needs as we do for others

We help you make that happen without breaking the bank, through accurate shipping rates, highly competitive bulk pricing, and more. Hop on a call with us today and discuss your apparel fulfillment needs. You focus on growing your brand and leave the rest to us. Get the quote today!

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