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Get $200 for every qualified lead you send us who fulfills an order with ShipTop. No capped earnings. Work with successful eCommerce entrepreneurs looking for an attentive and reliable 3PL partner.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no earning cap for the ShipTop affiliate program. You will earn $200 for every qualified lead you send our way.

ShipTop will pay you via your chosen payment method once a month on a set schedule.


Rewards are paid out via PayPal or Stripe. Please be sure to connect the correct email address linked in your account.

If the customer clicks on another partners link after they’ve clicked on yours, the sale will be attributed to the most recently clicked partner link (last-touch).

How To Qualify?

Sign up for your affiliate account

Promote ShipTop to sellers

Sellers sing up with your unique Url

Once your seller ships, you earn $200