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Your Trusted Cosmetics Fulfillment Partner

Managing cosmetics fulfillment can be a complex task, given the multitude of SKUs, the delicate nature of beauty products, and the critical importance of adhering to expiration dates. Whether you’re a small or a well-established cosmetics company, our cosmetics fulfillment services  are designed keeping you in mind.

  • Seamless Integrations
  • Same-Day Fulfillment
  • Easy To Use Online Portal
  • Two-Day Delivery Services
  • Two-Day Delivery Services

How It Works

Our onboarding process is designed to be efficient and hassle-free. Simply connect your store to our portal and send us your inventory, and we’ll start fulfilling orders within seven days.

eCommerce integration 3PL
1. Connect to ShipTop

Connect your selling channel(s) and import your products to our portal.

ShipTop Warehouse 3PL Canada
2. Send your inventory

Send your inventory to our fulfillment center and we store your products.

eCommerce fulfillment delivery
3. Start selling

We fulfill and ship your orders, manage returns, and more.

How Can Reliable Cosmetics Fulfillment Help You Maximize Your Brand’s Profit?

01 FIFO Method

By adhering to the FIFO (First-In, First-Out)method, ShipTop safeguards your reputation and customer trust. It ensures that products with earlier manufacturing or expiration dates are shipped first.

03 Inventory Planning

Effective inventory planning is essential for cosmetics brands to optimize stock levels. We ensure that your products are neither overstocked nor understocked, minimizing costs and ensuring timely fulfillment of customer orders.

02 Fast Delivery

Fast and efficient delivery is a key factor in customer satisfaction for cosmetics and beauty brands. We always focus on quick order processing and delivery times to enhance the overall shopping experience of your customers.

04 Lot Tracking

With precise lot tracking throughout the supply chain, we quickly identify affected items, reducing potential harm to consumers and protecting brand integrity.

Why Choose ShipTop?

World-class Client Support​

Whether it is support tickets or dedicated managers, ShipTop caters to all your needs. You will always find us ready to service our clients.

Multichannel Integrations​

ShipTop integrates with most major eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces – like Shopify and Amazon.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Order details are pulled in real time and orders are fulfilled and shipped same-day.

Tech-enabled 3PL Support​

ShipTop clients have access to a dedicated online portal offering an order and inventory management solution.

Streamlined Order Processing

Your cosmetics fulfillment is handled through an efficient and streamlined process.

Affordable Shipping Rates

Partner with ShipTop and get low, affordable shipping rates with major couriers. We also offer same-day delivery.

Fulfillment Solution

Managing sales across various channels shouldn’t be a hassle. At ShipTop, we make it easy for you to integrate your eCommerce platform with multiple online marketplaces. This integration ensures smooth order fulfillment, efficient inventory management, and top-tier customer service. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing multiple sales channels.

Integration to Shopify, Amazon, Walmart 3PL ShipTop

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with ShipTop for cosmetics fulfillment benefits your business by streamlining your order processing, reducing shipping costs, and ensuring timely deliveries, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. With ShipTop, you just have to focus on your eCommerce and we will handle it all.

ShipTop does not have any monthly fees, hidden charges, or minimum spending requirements. We work with online merchants of all sizes and provide custom fulfillment solutions to meet their needs.

The time to get your order fulfilled by ShipTop varies. It depends on the order size. We offer same-day order fulfillment for orders received before 1pm PST. Orders received after 1pm PST are shipped the next day. Contact us today to get the quote.

ShipTop allows several integrations. You can integrate every popular eCommerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce, among others without any hassle to your online store’s operations.

ShipTop offers a range of shipping options, including standard ground shipping, expedited shipping, and international shipping, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your needs. Our shipping partners include UPS, Canada Post, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. 

Looking for a Cosmetics Fulfillment Partner?

Scaling begins with a streamlined process for your cosmetics fulfillment, and we’re here to provide the best experience for both merchants and customers. 

Warehouse Locations

Utilizing our network of fulfillment centers, we help you optimize your inventory management to minimize shipping costs and enhance delivery speed, ensuring a seamless shipping experience worldwide.

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