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Case Study: How Bursera Offers Fast and Free Shipping With ShipTop?

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Few spaces matter more than the home. 

And when you’re a brand with a mission to make it the most balanced space possible, order fulfillment becomes more important than ever.

Bursera is about much more than aromatherapy–it’s about transforming your home into a space that fosters balance, harmony, and creativity.

Bursera carries a wide range of premium essential oils, featuring classics like Lavender and Eucalyptus, as well as unique blends such as Balance, Calm, and Focus. All of Bursera’s products are sustainably sourced, and they partner with companies committed to a healthier planet, including, Trees for the Future, and Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

In addition to their top-shelf oils and blends, Bursera also offers aromatherapy accessories, which double as luxury home goods. Every palo santo holder, bowl, and top-grade diffuser is designed to appeal just as much to customers’ sense of sight as they do their sense of smell.

Bursera’s founder knew that the brand experience doesn’t start when the customer lights their first palo santo stick, or when they first turn on their diffuser. The experience starts when customers check out the site and add an item to their cart.

Needless to say, premium brands are more than great products–it’s also about high-quality fulfillment.

That’s why Bursera decided to partner with ShipTop.

Challenges With Home Goods Fulfillment

Fulfillment for any kind of product can be demanding, but aromatherapy comes with many of its own challenges. And when these challenges aren’t addressed, scaling and warehousing quickly becomes complicated.

Aromatherapy products require special care when handled, since many products are flammable and not suited for certain temperatures. And with a premium brand like Bursera, far more goes into the process of warehousing than storing products; efficient warehousing takes strong management, spot-on tracking, and prompt replacement as needed.

Moreover, essential oils and candles are typically packaged in glass bottles and jars, which are prone to damage in transit.

ShipTop keeps aromatherapy home goods safe and secure by carefully labeling and packing the most fragile orders, handling them with the utmost care. Even better: in the rare case an order is damaged, ShipTop’s easy returns process is here to save you some headaches.

Finding the Right Fulfillment Partner 

To ensure Bursera’s growth as a business, its founder knew that they needed more time to focus on sales, marketing, and research & development. They knew that the right fulfillment partner would save them time, but not all 3PLs deliver on the efficiency they claim to with their orders.

When Bursera discovered that ShipTop guarantees 98% accuracy on all fulfillment, partnering with them just made sense.

Affordable Pricing & Free Shipping

Cost is a major factor that holds small businesses back from making the step to a 3PL. Understandably, aromatherapy brands dread the excessive charges that some fulfillment centers make, especially when it comes to hidden fees.

Shiptop, however, partners with all of the major couriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, USPS, and more, which gets their clients the best discounts on shipping. And for even more savings, ShipTop does their own storage, which significantly cuts down on cost. Through these savings, Bursera was able to provide their customers with free shipping.

When a new aromatherapy brand partners with ShipTop, they immediately see a decrease in not only their shipping costs, but also their warehouse costs, all while streamlining their  order fulfillment process.

Learn more about Shiptop’s pricing here.

2-Day Shipping

Customers want their aromatherapy and home goods fast–whether it’s because they’ve just moved into a new home, or because they need some serious de-stressing. Regardless, no one likes to wait months for a package.

When Bursera started to benefit from ShipTop’s fast shipping, they were able to compete with major retailers in the aromatherapy industry. Best of all: they were able to start 2-day shipping, and they experienced fewer shipping issues with their orders overall.

World-Class Warehousing

Believe it or not, most fulfillment providers do not own their warehouses. Instead, they’ll typically partner with a third party warehouse, where a completely different team handles storing, picking and packing. 

This means that customer service isn’t located near the warehouse, so representatives can’t physically access their clients’ items. Instead, they must contact the reps at the warehouse, which can quickly feel like a game of telephone.

Bursera didn’t want to deal with slow response times for client inquiries where they would have to wait days before they could even get a resolution without so much as a phone number to call.

ShipTop, however, is physically located in their own warehouse, so their customer service reps can easily access a company’s products as needed. 

Looking for solutions for your home goods company? Learn more about how Shiptop can help you provide fast, efficient, affordable housing here.

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