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ShipTop Receiving Guidelines

ShipTop Receiving Guidelines

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Welcome to ShipTop’s comprehensive Receiving Guidelines—a roadmap to optimize the heart of your fulfillment operations. Effective inventory management begins with a well-executed receiving process, influencing everything from storage to shipping. This guide encompasses ShipTop’s protocols, best practices, and strategic insights to ensure your receiving operations are top-notch.

Inbound Shipping Plans

  • Reasonable Checks: Every Inbound Shipping Plan is subject to reasonable accuracy checks, with physical counts performed only upon client request.
  • Spot Checks: A minimum of one carton per Shipping Plan is inspected. If found accurate within a 5% margin, the rest are presumed accurate, at no additional charge.
  • Discrepancies: Discrepancies in the initial carton prompt a full count, with the merchant covering the cost at $40/hr.

Steps to Send Your Inventory

  1. Create your Inbound Shipping Plan (PO) on the portal, each with a unique tracking number.
  2. Schedule an appointment to notify the warehouse of inbound palletized shipments or containers via [email protected].

Product Requirements

  • Barcodes & SKUs: Ensure product labels match store SKUs and barcodes, with each unit or case visibly UPC labeled.
  • Organization: Products must be organized by location and scanned for precise delivery. Non-barcode items incur a labeling charge of $0.50 per unit.
  • Special Handling: Pre-package fragile items or those requiring extra care. For instructions, email [email protected].

Standard Bin & Pallet Size

Maximize your storage with optimal bin and pallet dimensions:

  • Bin: 12 x 24 x 12 inches
  • Shelf: 48 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Pallet: 40 x 48 x 64 inches

Timelines and Inbound SLA

  • Receiving Time: Inventory will be ready to ship within 24-48 business hours for correct Inbound Shipping Plans, including proper labels and appointments.
  • Cost: A flat fee of $15 for receiving, plus $15 per additional pallet.
  • Receiving Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm, with extended hours during peak seasons.

Potential Reasons for Non-Compliance

Non-compliance may result in automatic fees for:

  • No scheduled appointment.
  • Missing or inaccurate Shipping Plan.
  • Absent SKU/Barcodes.
  • Inaccurate packing slips.
  • Unspecified mixed SKUs.

Disposal Policy

ShipTop charges a disposal fee of $0.50 per pound. This fee covers not only the charges we incur at the disposal location but also the handling, transportation, and administrative costs associated with the disposal process. Our goal is to manage disposal in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner, reflecting the actual costs of these services.

Damages/Loss Inventory

ShipTop requires a shrinkage tolerance of up to 5% to account for potential losses or damages during the receiving and warehousing process. This percentage is calculated based on the total quantity of items received. Our Damages/Loss Inventory Policy is designed to protect your business interests while accommodating the inherent risks of logistics and fulfillment operations.

Note: ShipTop reserves the right to reject inventory not adhering to these guidelines.

For further assistance or inquiries, reach out to [email protected].

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