Healthybud’s Distribution Success: A ShipTop Case Study


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In the competitive pet product industry, Healthybud stands out for its commitment to health and quality. This Montreal-based eCommerce pioneer specializes in crafting nutrition-rich pet food products, utilizing research-backed and superfood ingredients. Yet, as their brand gained momentum, Healthybud faced new challenges: efficiently distributing their products to major national and international retailers. Enter ShipTop, a leader in eCommerce fulfillment, ready to transform Healthybud’s distribution strategy.


As the company grew fiercely, efficient pet product distribution to various channels became a major challenge. Healthybud’s rapid growth required a robust distribution strategy capable of meeting the guidelines and requirements of major retailers. These guidelines included specific requirements for labeling, pallet use (PECO and CHEP pallets), documentation, and precise height and weight regulations for pallet construction. Finding a fulfillment partner capable of navigating these complexities was crucial for Healthybud’s continued expansion.

ShipTop’s Tailored Solution:

As the leading eCommerce fulfillment center, we understood their challenges and developed a tailored pet product fulfillment solution. We started by streamlining the distribution process. To start with, they connected their interface with the ShipTop portal which allowed them to create wholesale orders, attach necessary documents such as purchase orders (POs), and easily manage their distribution workflow.

With ShipTop’s assistance, Healthybud seamlessly integrated its operations with various Canadian fulfillment centers, including those of renowned major retailers.

What Services Does ShipTop Offer to HealthyBud?

As a reliable distribution center in Canada, ShipTop continues to serve Healthybud with the following services:

1. B2B Order Fulfillment

ShipTop’s proprietary solution allows the Healthybud team to create wholesale orders seamlessly. This streamlined the distribution process. Attaching purchase orders (POs) and other necessary documents became very easy, ensuring efficient order processing and fulfillment.

2. Multi-Warehouse Network in Canada

With Multiple Warehouse locations across Canada, ShipTop was able to provide Healthybud strategic advantages in inventory management. With strategically located warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver, ShipTop helped Healthybud to position inventory closer to key markets and allowing Healthybud to reach their Canandian partners; optimizing transit times and reducing shipping costs.

3. Real-Time Updates

Using ShipTop’s online platform, Healthybud gets real-time updates throughout the distribution process and can easily track the movement of its products from the warehouse to the retail shelves. 

4. Packaging Following All Guidelines

Other than sustainable packaging, ShipTop ensures that Healthybud’s packaging meets all the guidelines specified by each retailer. This includes proper labeling, pallet requirements, and adherence to height and weight regulations. By complying with these guidelines, Healthybud continues to avoid delays and penalties, maintaining smooth and uninterrupted distribution to retail partners.

5. Quality Check

Shipping expired or low-quality products is a nightmare for pet food companies. That said, the distribution managers at ShipTop implemented rigorous quality checks and controls throughout the distribution process to uphold Healthybud’s standards of excellence. From receiving inventory at the warehouse to final delivery to retail outlets, our quality assurance protocols ensured that products met stringent quality criteria, safeguarding Healthybud’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Results We Achieved For HealthyBud

Healthybud experienced a significant improvement in its distribution efficiency and overall supply chain performance after its partnership with ShipTop. The streamlined fulfillment process enhanced customer satisfaction and contributed to Healthybud’s continued growth and success in the competitive pet products market.

  • Healthybud experienced a 90%  reduction in fulfillment errors, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Healthybud continues to meet the increasing demands of its retail partners while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and compliance.
  • HealthyBud noticed a 30% improvement in delivery speed with its products selling at major retail stores like Canadian Tire, Sobeys, Best Buy, and more.
  • Healthybud achieved an impressive on-time delivery rate of 99.5%, meeting the strict delivery deadlines of major retailers and fostering long-term partnerships.

ShipTop’s comprehensive logistics and optimized warehouse strategies have been crucial in supporting Healthybud’s expansion and success in the Canadian market. Having served Healthybud for years now, ShipTop continues to optimize the distribution operations for them and meet the stringent requirements to ensure the delivery of high-quality products to pet owners across the country. 

As Healthybud continues to thrive, its partnership with ShipTop remains instrumental in driving efficiency, reliability, and growth in the dynamic world of pet product fulfillment.

If you are a pet product company owner and looking for pet accessories fulfillment partner to have a seamless distribution and fulfillment process, get in touch with us today.

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