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How Outsourcing Fulfillment to ShipTop was a Game Changer for Koston?

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Koston is a premium eCommerce brand offering sustainable, high-quality, and uniquely designed pet accessories. Founded by passionate pet owners, Koston prioritized to fill the market gap of ethically-produced, stylish and unique pet goods. This includes dog collars, harnesses, pet bowls and pet toys. To bring the highest standard pet accessories, Koston ties up with top-tier brands and factories around the globe.

Challenges Faced by Koston

Koston relied on self-fulfillment in the early stages of their business using a storage unit. Since the business had just kicked off, laying out the products strategically, picking & packing orders or shipping the packages themselves seemed functional but far from perfect. 

As the business grew, the self-fulfillment strategy became challenging. Overstocking and out-of-stock became a common problem. Shipping costs were cutting the profit margins. Receiving and delivering the pet products became utter chaos for them. This not only caused an impact on profit generation but also affected the brand’s reputation. Scaling the business became a major challenge for Koston. 

Finding the Right Fulfillment Partner

Realizing that self-fulfillment was unsustainable, Koston began the search for a reliable third-party logistics (3PL) partner. They needed a 3PL partner who could help bring efficiency to their fulfillment operations. Efficiency is a common issue with many 3PLs, leading to errors such as misplaced products, and late, or incorrect orders. KOSTON required a partner who could guarantee high accuracy and efficiency. They found this partner in ShipTop.

How Outsourcing Fulfillment to ShipTop was a Game Changer for Koston?

Fulfillment Strategy for Scaling

ShipTop started by understanding Koston and its challenges. To sp we created a tailored fulfillment strategy for Koston. Our strategy focused on optimizing order picking & packing, increasing the efficiency of fulfillment operations, implementing affordable logistics solutions and delivering on time. Our goal was to take over their fulfillment operations, enabling Koston to focus on growth.

Tech-Enabled 3PL

ShipTop’s proprietary solution offers direct integrations with different selling. This allowed Koston to integrate its Shopify platform with ShipTop easily. Thus,  eliminating the need for manual order uploads. ShipTop’s high-quality proprietary solution offered real-time tracking, further streamlining Koston’s fulfillment process.

Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment

Next ShipTops’s multi-warehouse locations in Canada and the United States helped Koston optimize its inventory, significantly improving inventory health, efficiency and scaling potential.

Cost-effective Shipping Pricing

ShipTop’s partnerships with major couriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and USPS allow us to get competitive shipping rates. This partnership helped Koston to get high-volume discounts, ensuring low, consistent 3PL costs without monthly fees, hidden costs, or surprise charges. For Koston this meant affordable fulfillment and storage costs, contributing to their bottom line.

Top-Tier Support

ShipTop’s ownership of warehouse and operations ensures that we are always in touch with clients’ inventory and logistics. Unlike some 3PLs that rely on third-party warehouses, ShipTop provides immediate, knowledgeable support, reducing resolution times and ensuring smooth business operations. Orders made before 1 pm are shipped out the same day, enhancing Koston’s customer satisfaction.

Results: KOSTON’s Growth with ShipTop

By partnering with ShipTop, Koston was able to:

  • Reduce fulfillment and storage costs by 98%
  • Streamline their order fulfillment process with 99% efficiency
  • Expand to multiple sales channels with ease
  • Focus on core business activities like product development and marketing
  • Enjoy reliable, immediate support and efficient operations


ShipTop’s 98% accuracy in fulfillment allowed Koston to scale its business without the stress of managing logistics, enabling it to achieve sustainable growth and success in the high-end pet supply market.

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