Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon fulfillment services are the backbone of efficient eCommerce operations. Free next-day and two-day delivery for Prime members has changed the consumer expectations, and merchants must keep up with the standards to compete in the eCommerce industry.

Let’s break down how Amazon orders are fulfilled. The Amazon fulfillment processes for orders fall into three main categories : Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). 

1. Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)

Amazon Fulfillment, or FBA, is the process when merchants ship their inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers. These fulfillment centers are where Amazon picks, packs, and ships the orders from their distribution network. FBA products will have the Prime badge, indicating the product will be shipped fast, by Amazon. While the  Prime badge allows for higher volume of sales,this option is often  the most expensive for merchants with costs like fulfillment fees, storage fees, long-term storage fees and more. FBA orders are shipped in Amazon branded boxes, and can sometimes appear as sold by Amazon.

2. Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)

Fulfilled By Merchant, or Amazon FBM, is the process of fulfilling and shipping Amazon orders by the merchant or their 3PL partner. Third-party logistics partners like ShipTop can help merchants pick, pack, and ship orders, and remain profitable. As a tech-enabled fulfillment partner allowing different eCommerce integrations, ShipTop will integrate to your Amazon Seller Central account and pull orders in real-time. And thanks to same-day and next-day fulfillment options, ShipTop is able to offer a fast FBM delivery solution. 

3. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Seller Fulfilled Prime, or SFP, is a fulfillment program offered by Amazon as a way to provide merchants with a listing Prime badge. Merchants who hold these badges ensure customers that they’ll receive orders within 2 days or less. Partnering with a 3PL provider means merchants can take advantage of the SFP program and increase their sales by displaying the Prime badge.

Why Choose ShipTop as Your Amazon Fulfillment Partner?

FBA Prep Services

ShipTop offers FBA prep services, which help clients prepare their inventory and ship to Amazon warehouses, significantly cutting down on turnaround time. With a team of experts and professionals, ShipTop will work with clients and discuss their goals to determine prep requests and requirements. ShipTop’s FBA prep services include: FNSKU barcoding, custom packaging, bundling, quality inspection, and other special tasks.

Amazon Returns Management

With ShipTop, sellers can easily process order returns and move sellable products back in their inventory as needed. ShipTop offers reasonable quality inspection solutions for returned products.

Amazon Removal Services

ShipTop offers removal services for domestic and international sellers. With affordable storage costs and a customizable fulfillment solution, sellers can partner with ShipTop to remove inventory from Amazon Canada. 

Fulfillment Technology 

ShipTop clients have access to a free and comprehensive fulfillment software to manage inventory, orders, returns, and more. As a tech-enabled fulfillment partner, ShipTop provides partners, clients, and customers an enhanced experience.

Affordable Shipping Rates

As a top-ranking Amazon fulfillment partner, ShipTop works with most international and national couriers to offer the most efficient and affordable shipping solution. Partner couriers provide ShipTop with high-volume shipping discounts, which are then passed on to clients offering them services at reduced shipping costs.

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