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When you own a home goods brand, your products have a direct impact on a person’s mood and satisfaction within their home. That’s why it’s important they receive their orders quickly and in good condition.

ShipTop helps you bring your customers satisfaction within their homes by providing top-tier warehousing, fast homeware fulfillment, and speedy 2-day shipping.

What is Home Goods Fulfillment?

Home goods fulfillment, or homeware fulfillment, is the process of warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping of goods for your home goods brand–whether that entails home decor, kitchen supplies, aromatherapy, or really anything that makes a house or apartment feel like home.

As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), ShipTop takes the entire homeware fulfillment process of homeware fulfillment off your hands, so you can focus on growing your business.

With our team of highly skilled fulfillment experts, ShipTop is here to help optimize and streamline your supply chain. 

Challenges of Home Goods Fulfillment

Homeware fulfillment is a demanding process that takes a lot of time and energy, especially when it comes to the challenges of scaling and warehousing.

If your homeware brand isn’t scaling, it’s not growing. And when it comes to eCommerce warehousing, far more goes into the process than simply storing inventory. Successful warehousing requires a process that involves the management, tracking, and replenishment of inventory as needed.

Location is also a significant factor to consider–especially if you’re storing all of your inventory in one location, but ship orders all over. 

Luckily, a 3PL like ShipTop can provide the infrastructure, software, and warehouse management needed to help you scale and compete with the retail giants. 

How ShipTop Grows Your Homeware Fulfillment

When you connect your homeware brand with ShipTop, you can send inventory directly to our fulfillment center, where we take care of the fulfillment and shipping.

Here is a breakdown of ShipTop’s order fulfillment process.


With our affordable warehouse and storage fees, clients can shift their attention to their bottom line. When you connect with ShipTop, you’ll notice reductions in your business expenses almost instantly. 

Our fulfillment process begins when we receive your inventory, which is when we accept and store incoming inventory in our fulfillment center.

During the receiving phase, one of our experienced team members will fill out a Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO), while labeling items and ensuring that everything has arrived in good condition.

This way, we know exactly what to expect with inventory, and we can handle inventory for thousands of customers with ease and efficiency.


ShipTop directly integrates with your Shopify store so that sellers can transfer their inventory and order data in real time. Learn more about our integrations here.

When a customer places an order on their Shopify store, the data is automatically sent to the fulfillment center, where our team members pick and pack orders to be shipped.

From there, our integrated software automatically generates a picking list enclosing the order information, and the containers holding the inventory scanned. This way, counts are updated in real-time, providing up-to-date stock levels for merchants.


Next, it’s time to securely pack and add the shipping label to your order. 

At ShipTop, we use standard packing materials,  including brown boxes, packing slips, etc. at no additional cost to you, but we also allow merchants to use their own custom packaging.


Next, the order is ready to prepare for speedy delivery. With ShipTop, you’ll never have to worry about shipping your own orders ever again. 

We partner with major shipping carriers, which allows us to negotiate the best rates. 

To keep customers updated and in the loop on the delivery process, you can set up proper order tracking on your store.

You can learn more about our shipping solutions here.

Challenges of Homeware Shipping

As a home goods brand, you help customers make their homes homier. And this can entail a number of different types of homeware–and many of these goods require special care when shipping.

It can be a challenge to ship homeware and home goods, but ShipTop is here to make the process a painless one. 

Here are some of the home goods we specialize in fulfilling:


Essential oils, diffusers, and scented candles are incredibly popular among everyday consumers in North America, and sales of these products have skyrocketed as ecommerce merchants have jumped on the trend in recent years. However, shipping them out can be a challenge all on its own. 

This has much to do with the fact that essential oils, in particular, are considered volatile substances because they’re diluted in polyethylene glycol (PG) and pure ethanol, which are flammable solvents that should not be exposed to certain temperatures. On top of that, essential oils and candles are typically packaged in glass bottles and jars, which are prone to breakage.

At ShipTop, we make sure to keep your aromatherapy home goods safe and secure. We carefully label and pack our most fragile orders and handle them with care. And in the rare case an order is damaged, our easy returns process is here to save you some headaches.

You can learn more about our returns management here.

Home Decor

Home decor items such as framed prints, wall hangings, ceramics and more make incredibly popular sellers, but they’re often incredibly fragile.

At ShipTop, we make sure that your customers receive their home goods in the same condition they were shipped, and in a timely manner.


Kitchenware is among the most popular home goods customers shop for, and include items like dishes, knives, and cookware.

Popular home goods retailers like West Elm and Crate & Barrel ship huge amounts of dishes and cookware on a daily basis, and so they’ve doubled down on their eCommerce downline. 

We’re here to help you compete with the retails giants through careful packing and speedy 2-day shipping.

How to Create a Homeware Brand With Limitless Potential

Partnering with ShipTop can spell a massive improvement in your homeware fulfillment downline, keeping your customers satisfied while saving you time and resources.

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